• 17 November 2013
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    Помогите пожалуйста,составить 7 вопросов.грамотно. у меня с грамматикой проблема (( How We Kept Mother’s Birthday

    I think celebrating “Mother’s Day” once a year is a very good idea.

    So we decided to have a special celebration of Mother’s Day.
    We thought it a fine idea. We knew how much Mother did for
    us and so we decided that we should do everything we could
    to make Mother happy.
    We decided to decorate the house
    with flowers. We asked Mother to arrange the decoration
    because she always does it on holidays. My sisters got new
    hats for such an important day. We wanted to buy a new hat
    for Mother too, but she said that she liked her old hat
    better and didn’t want a new one.
    Well, after breakfast we
    decided to take Mother for a beautiful drive away into the
    country. Mother is never able to go to the country because
    she is busy in the house nearly all the time.
    But then we changed the plan a little.
    Father decided to take Mother fishing.
    When everything was ready for the trip we asked Mother to prepare some sandwiches.

    Well, when the car came to the door, we saw that there was
    not enough room in it for us all. Father said that he could
    stay at home and work in the garden. Then the two girls,
    Anne and Mary, said that they could stay at home, but as
    they had new hats, it would be a pity if no one looked at
    In the end it was decided that Mother could stay at home and make dinner. Mother doesn’t like fishing.
    So we all drove away, and Mother stood and watched us from the verandah as long as she could see us.

    Well, we had a very nice day in the country. Father caught
    a lot of big fish and the girls met some friends and they
    talked about hats. It was quite late when we got back.
    last everything was ready and we sat down to a wonderful
    dinner. Mother got up and down many times during dinner; she
    brought things from the kitchen and carried the dishes away.

    When the dinner was over all of us wanted to help Mother
    to wash the dishes. But Mother said that she could do it
    herself, and so we let her because we wanted to make her
    It was quite late when it was all over, and we
    all kissed Mother before going to bed. She said it had been
    the most wonderful day in her life.

    • 17 November 2013
    • Ответ оставил: Ira1484

    1. What did the family decide to do on Mother’s Day?
    2. Whom did they ask to arrange the decoration with flowers?
    3. Why  didn’t Mother want a new hat?
    4. Where did the family decide to take Mother for a beautiful drive after breakfast?
    5. Why did not she go for the ride? (What was Mother doing while the family was on the trip?)
    6. What did Mother do during the dinner?
    7. Why did not the family wash the plates after the dinner?
    8. What did Mother say to her family in the end of the day?

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