• 19 November 2013
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    Помогите составить Рассказ My Bedroom для 5 класса в примерно 10 предложений

    • 19 November 2013
    • Ответ оставил: МиланаВолокитина

    My bedroom is not very large, but it's very cosy.
    There is an expensive light blue sofa at the wall.
    There are three new cushions on it.
    To the right of the sofa there's a desk with a computer on it.
    There are some bookshelves above the desk.
    There are a lot of books, some family photos and a small collection of statuettes on them.
    There is a wardrobe opposite the desk.
    It's not very big, but it's very comfortable, because there are plenty of drawers, shelves and different sections in it.
    There is a stylish thick carpet on the floor.
    The window is decorated with crimson silk curtains that make my room especially beatiful.(that certainly beautify my room)
    There are some pot plants on the windowsill. I enjoy looking after them.
    My room overlooks a yard where there are a lot of flowerbeds and trees. So I like to stare out of the window and to admire that wonderful view.

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