• 20 November 2013
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    • Автор: Diankavolkova3

    помогите вставить пропущенные глаголы do/does/is/are/have/has +перевод 1)Where.... the nearest book shop? 2).....your friend have any money? 3)Where.... her uncle work? 4)What sports .... they fond of? 5)What bike .... he got? 6)What.... the weather like today? 6)What languages..... they speak? 7)..... their students enjoy studying English? 8)What ..... your favourite subjects? 8)What present...... our niece got? 9)How many exams..... your got? 10)How much time..... it take you to get to the institute? 11)Who ...... the best student in their group? 12)How far ....London from Liverpool? 13)Who always..... homework in your group?

    • 20 November 2013
    • Ответ оставил: Sereoga228

    1 is 2 does 3 is 4 ? 5 has 6 is 6 are (у тебя 2 раза 6) 7 are 8 are 8 has  9 have 10 does 11 is 12 is 13 does.   только в 4 сомневаюсь, но у тебя стоит 10-11 кл, а я в 9

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