• 21 November 2013
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    25.... of the birds has it’s own cage.26. Alex bought a bicycle ... is specially designed for long-distance racing.27. People... don't get enough sleep may become short-tempered and irritable.28. Only... of the films shown at this cinema are suitable for children29. We've done a lot in the hope of attracting more customers but so far there's been very... response. The trouble is that... people don't have any money to spare. We'll need... luck to make a profit^ year.30.I have read... book this author has ever written.31. Before giving her answer she looked at... of the children in turn.32. We've drunk... the water. There isn't... more left. 33.... student has to fill in a questionnaire.34. Everybody arrived late... didn't surprise me in the least.35. If that doesn't work, you'll have to find ... way of solving the problem.36. Cactuses need very... water.37. Do you know any... people who might have a reason to do this?38. This museum may be closed but... tourist places are open.39. On the ... life became much quieter after John had left.40. It rained... the time we were on holiday. 41. You have your... life ahead of you.42. This is the moment we... have been waiting for.43. In a football match... team has eleven players.44.1 felt very tired and had... energy, so I stayed at home.45. ...who walks across the hills in this weather does so at their own risk. I46. There aren't... opportunities for people who don't have good qualifications.47. The... world is concerned about the ozone layer.48. The children have... appetite. They hardly eat....49. Did the children behave... while I was away?50.... people learn languages easily... find it very difficult. 51. It was so foggy, I couldn't see... of the signposts.

    • 21 November 2013
    • Ответ оставил: Orlikladbor8of7e

    25 all(если это утвердительное) А если тф перепутал и это вопрос, то тогда what kind of  скорее всего
    26 which
    27 who
    28  a small amount of ( по смыслу подходит, но наверное не то.
    29   __ , many people... , the
    30 the
    31 one
    32 либо all либо ничего, __
    33  the 
    34 and
    35 the
    36 little
    37 ___
    38 неоднозначное пж a или the 
    39 on the one
    40 all
    42 ___
    43 the
    45 those
    46 ___ или any
    47 ___
    48 no, meals ну или просто они едва едят ___
    49 bad 
    50 51 не знаю оо 

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