• 26 November 2013
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    Складіть будь ласка діалог про школу на анг.мові близько 10 речень

    • 26 November 2013
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    -  Is your school large and light?
    -  Yes, it is. How many floors are there in your school?
    -  There are three floors in it.
    -  What are there оn the ground floor?
    -  There is a gym, a library, a canteen and a few classrooms on the ground floor.
    -  What are there on the first floor in your school?
    -  There are many classrooms and a teachers’ room on the first and on the second floors.
    -  Are your classrooms large and light?
    -  Our classrooms are very large and light.
    -  What are there in your classrooms?
    -  There are twelve desks, a teacher’s table, a blackboard and many flowers in our classrooms.
    -  What are your favourite subjects?
    -  My favourite school subjects are English, History and Literature. What about you?
    -  I’m fond of sport and music. So two years ago I joined our school clubs: Basketball club and Musical club.
    -  Tell me about your school life.
    -  My school life is wonderful. There are lots of concerts, performances and sport competitions in our school. My classmates and I often take part in different school events.
    -  Have you got many friends in your class?
    -  I have got a lot of friends in my class.  What about your teachers?
    -  Our teachers are kind and intelligent and my classmates are smart and friendly.

    -  Well, thanks for the convesation.
    -  You are wellcome.

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