• 02 December 2013
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    • Автор: Popld

    Помогите,пожалуйста!!Нужен диалог(два человека),на английском языке про масленицу!Диалог должен содержать вопросы,такие как:Как празднуестя?Что вы носите?

    • 02 December 2013
    • Ответ оставил: мартин42

    - What Russian holidays do you want to tell me about?
    - I would like to tell you about a great Maslenitsa celebration in Russia. 
    - When is it celebrated?
    - It is celebrated on last Sunday of March, when winter is losing its rights and spring comes. 
    - Describe me this holiday, please.
    - On this day there are Russian great folk festivals with horses, getting a living rooster from the post, a lot of jokes, songs and dances. On the streets of cities, towns and villages different mummers walk, they offer everybody hot tea and Russian pancakes with different toppings: honey, jam, butter, eggs!

    - And what is the most thing about this holiday?
    - But most importantly is the effigy of winter that is burnt  and everyone rejoices the beautiful spring coming. 
    - Wow! It's so interesting!
    - You're welcome!

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