• 02 December 2013
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    Мини сочинение.Прошлое мцыри

    • 02 December 2013
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    Different people like doing different things because their tastes differ. So people have different hobbies. “A hobby” is something that people usually do to get pleasure or to relax and to spend free time.Usually people choose as a hobby something that they really like doing. Something for their character and their taste. You will never do something as a hobby if you don’t like it. If you have an interesting hobby your life becomes more interesting, of course.Most people chose something “to do” as a hobby - doing means something active from traveling to taking pictures, from table tennis to football. Others choose something “to make”. Making things includes knitting, sewing, handicrafts, painting, drawing.“Collecting things” is another popular pastime. People collect different things like books, toys, car models, plane models, coins, CD’s. There are more serious collectors of expensive paintings, rare things or art objects. Such hobbies are for rich people. We can often see such private collections in museums, art galleries or libraries.Those people who live in big cities and town are fond of gardening, growing flowers and vegetables. This gives them a sense of being close to nature.Very often a hobby helps people to choose their future occupation. A person is lucky, I guess, if he or she can find a job similar to his or her hobby and get money for this.Nowadays playing different computer games has become a popular pastime for both children and grown-ups.As for me, I have got a hobby too. Many people go in for sports, they like jogging, walking, swimming, skating, skiing, working out in gyms. If you do sports you begin feeling much better. I personally go in for sports. It is a very important part of my life. I like playing volleyball and going to the gym. I do my morning exercises. Why do I like doing sports? Because I think that a man should be well-built and strong. (It is very important for a woman to be slim and in good shape).When I have got some free time I also like listening to music. I like different music from classics to rock. I read a lot. Adventure books are among my favourites.Taking pictures is my another passion. My parents presented me with a good camera last birthday. I never leave home without my camera because you never know when you see the moment that you need to capture. Once I took part in an exhibition. People said they like my photos. I love taking pictures of my family. We have tones of pictures now. But this is a good memory for all of us.

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