• 07 December 2013
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    Расказ онемецкой овчарке на английском

    • 07 December 2013
    • Ответ оставил: astashkinana1

    German shepherd

    Smells and hears, strong, balanced character, suspicious temper, endurance and courage. Is one of the most common in the world of dogs.

    It is absolutely betrayed his master, faithful in all conditions, exceptionally intelligent and perfect to be trained.

    The only limitation in the choice of this dog must be the fact that she overly alert, always prefer to be a police dog, for which all of life - work. Use it for other purposes is changing the nature, dignity can turn into disadvantages.

    Its history goes back to the ancient breed cattle and farm dogs. Their selection was somewhat conservative, but from a purely German pedantry. The principal emphasis is on the quality of workers subject to certain exterior forms.

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