• 22 December 2013
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    Скласти текст на тему спорт в моєму житті

    • 22 December 2013
    • Ответ оставил: urrru

    As for me, my favourite sport is football. It may be unusual for garls, but I like it. I like play football at out PT lessons. I like football because it is team game. Team games are unites people/ I play football for my pleasure not for results. With the help of sports I have good health and keep fit. People in our country do sports not enough, like in America or Europe. I think sport make us more organized and disciplined. I also agree with a latin prowerb " A sound mind in a sound body". A lot of teens of Ukraine do sports but a lot of cmoke and drink alkohol. I think when a person live healthy life-style he or she has good job, good family and  good friends. Sports are common ground for people of all ages and nationalities. Sport is a good way to make new friends

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