• 22 December 2013
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    Сообщение,10 предл. о хэллоуине на англ.яз.

    • 22 December 2013
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    Halloween is a festival that takes place on October 31. In the United States children wear costumes and masks and  go  trick-or-treating. Halloween developed from new year festivals and festivals of the dead. The  pumkin is a simbol of this  holiday in which offensive  face is cut out. A lighted candle is  put into the pumkin.   Christian church established a festival  on November 1  called all Saint"t Day  so that people could continue  to celebrates their  festivals. Fortunetelling is an important  part of Halloween. For Example, the coin, the ring   and the thimble  were  baked into a cake.  People once  believed that there were many ghosts and witches on the Earth and that they met  on October 31 to  worship the devil.  Today, people do not  believe in ghosts ans witchers, but they  like to tell stories  about them on Halloween. 

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