• 24 December 2013
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    • Автор: Елена111Ш

    a. Change the following sentences from active to passive. Be sure to keep the same tanse with each change.
    1/ John wrote that letter/
    2/ Fire destroyed that house
    3/ The audiens enjoyed the concert very much
    4/ Mary took that book from the desk
    5/John will deliver that letter/
    6/ Mary has finished the report 7/
    7/ Mr.Smith will leave the tickets at the box office
    8/ The messenger has just left a box of flowers for you

    • 24 December 2013
    • Ответ оставил: AliRomanjuk

    1. That letter was written(by John)
    2. That house was destroyed(by fire)
    3. The concert was enjoyed very much(by the audience)
    4. That book was taken from the desk(by Mary)
    5. That letter will be delivered(by John)
    6. The report has been finished(by Mary)
    7. The tickets will be left at the box office(by Mr. Smith)
    8. A box of flowers for you has been just left(by messenger)

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